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​MH370 Black box battery expired - Channel 8,  9 Mar, 6.30pm

Published on: 09-Mar-2015

MH370 Black box battery expired, Channel 8, 9 Mar, 6.30pm

The first report into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 said that the battery of the underwater locator beacon of the aircraft's Flight Data Recorder had expired more than a year before the plane vanished. However, it is not known if this had affected the search for the missing plane. Dr Hsin Chen Chung from NTU’s Air Traffic Management Research Institute said that the situation now is that the location of the plane is still unknown. The biggest challenge is that there is no way to pinpoint the exact location of the missing plane and therefore the search effort is much more arduous. The difficulty is akin to finding a 2 x 2 feet box in the entire Singapore. Hopefully the plane will be found before May. If it is still missing, they may have to search in another location or to find other reasons that could explain the plane disappearance.

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