Our People



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​Name Position​​ ​Telephone ​Email Others​
Dr Vu Nguyen Duong ​Professor / Director ​6908 3412 vu.duong@ntu.edu.sg ​​N3.2-B3m-10b (Click here to view profile)
​Dr Lye Sun Woh ​Professor / Deputy Director 6908 3407 / 6513 8690 mswlye@ntu.edu.sg ​N3.2-B3m-10d (Click here to view profile)
​Ms Ng Suan ​Assistant Director ​6908 3406 suan.ng@ntu.edu.sg ​N3.2-B3m-10e
Dr ​Sameer Alam ​Assoc Prof / Programme Director ​6790 6906 sameeralam@ntu.edu.sg ​N3.2-02-17  ​(Click here to view profile)
Dr Low Kin Huat ​Professor / Programme Director ​6790 5755 mkhlow@ntu.edu.sg ​​N3.2-02-17  ​(Click here to view profile)
​Mr Mohamed Faisal Bin Mohamed Salleh ​Programme Director ​6514 8383 mohd.faisal@ntu.edu.sg ​​N3.2-B3m-07a ​(Click here to view profile)
​Ms ​Nora Ali ​Senior Executive ​6908 3411 nora.ali@ntu.edu.sg ​N3.2-B3m-10
​Mr Kevin Cheong ​Manager ​6908 3372 kevincheong@ntu.edu.sg ​N3.2-B3m-06
​Mr Dennis Ng ​Assistant Manager ​6908 3374 dennis.ng@ntu.edu.sg​​​ ​N3.2-B4-08
​Mr Sunny Boey ​Senior Executive ​6908 3409 sboey@ntu.edu.sg​​​ ​N3.2-B3m-06
​Ms Gui May Ling ​Senior Executive ​6908 1475 maygui@ntu.edu.sg ​N3.2-B3m-07
​Ms Noorhayati Bte Supari ​Senior Executive ​6908 3374 noorhayati@ntu.edu.sg ​N3.2-B3m-06
​​Ms Christabell Chua Lay Yen ​Senior Executive ​​​6908 3374 lychua@ntu.edu.sg ​N3.2-B3m-06