Our People


Principal Investigators

​Principal Investigator Academic Profile Project Name​ ​Research & Development Thrust
​Low Kin Huat View ​Aviation System Block Upgrade & Traffic Management of UAS Urban Area Transportation and Management
​Zhong Zhaowei ​​View ​Regional Airspace Capacity Enhancement – ASEAN Pilot Programme ​Airspace Design and Analysis
Vinod A Prasad​ View ​Dynamic Spectrum Access Enabled Cognitive Radio Based Sustainable Air-To-Ground Communication System ​Exploratory and Emerging Areas
​Jitamitra Desai View ​An Integrated Surface Traffic Planning Approach for Combined Arrival-Departure Management and Runway Optimization ​Airspace Design and Analysis
Zhao Dan​ View ​Enhancement of Wake Vortex Decay in Close Airport Proximity ​Exploratory and Emerging Areas
​Chen Chun-Hsien View ​Integrated System for the Future Air Traffic Management Work Place and Human Factors Evaluations of Conflict Resolution Aid in Future Air Traffic Control ATM Security, Safety and Performance
​Pham Quang Cuong ​​View ​Optimization of Air Traffic Flow via Robot Motion Planning ​Airspace Design and Analysis
Suresh Sundaram​ View ​Cognitive Team Theoretic Approach for Dynamic Airspace Management ​ATM Security, Safety and Performance
Su Rong​ View ​Distributed Model Predictive Routing and Scheduling for Minimizing Network-Wise En-Route and Airport Arrival Delay in Air Traffic Flow Management with An Eulerian-Lagrangian Flow Dynamic Model Airspace Design and Analysis