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Welcome to Air Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI)!


Asia Pacific leads the world in air transportation growth.  To sustain such growth, continued effort for the modernisation and harmonisation of operation and management of the regional airspace is essential.  It was timely that in 2013, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) jointly established the ATMRI in Singapore, with the vision to set up a renowned ATM research institute, finding innovative solutions, and catalysing an ATM transformation in the region.

Specifically, the ATMRI carries the mission to:

  • Contribute to national and regional Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation through Research and Development (R&D) efforts, harmonised with international developments;

  • Conduct ATM R&D to maintain Singapore as a leading air hub;

  • Generate high quality ATM research of world class standard, making long term impact; and

  • Nurture talents to establish sustainable aviation capability.

Since inception, the ATMRI has endeavored to initiate both academic research projects and operational-themed development projects in the general areas of ATM; establish advanced modelling/simulation laboratory for R&D purpose; build up human capital through curriculum, seminars, etc.; and effect international collaborations through partnerships and exchange programs. 

Operated with a dedicated core team in the planning and management of R&D projects, the ATMRI draws on the vast university resource as well as resource from partners to conduct research and development efforts that will practically solve today's challenges as well as make long term impact.

This web-site serves to inform you of our mission, progress and events.  We hope it also raises your interest and commitment in advancing the safe, efficient and environmentally clean air transportation. 

I sincerely invite you to actively connect and link with us.  Together, we will contribute to the modernisation and harmonisation of global ATM!  

Air Traffic Management Researc​h Institute (ATMRI)​​