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The ATMRI facility is located on two floors (B3M and B4) within the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Block N3.2 in NTU; occupying a floor area of 1,000 square metres.

The lists of facilities are:

- RADAR Simulator and Pseudo-pilot

- Tower Simulator, Pseudo-pilot and Briefing Room

- Project Laboratories


ATMRI Laboratory Facility

The ATMRI laboratory has been fully functional from Q2 2015. The laboratory comprises of a Tower Simulator and a Radar simulator.

In the Radar Simulation Laboratory, there are five Controller Work Positions (CWP); expandable to seven if needed and up to 10 pseudo pilot positions, with the capability to operate in Area Control or Approach Control mode, as well as in combined mode. The hardware will be driven by specialised software such as NARSIM and AirTOp, two of the simulation tools for airfield performance assessment and for airport resource utilisation optimisation. Our facilities include a 13-metre wide Aerodrome control tower simulator simulating the working environments of the Changi Airport Control Tower Cabin with a 360 degrees view of the aerodrome. The 5-position Radar simulator, which geared towards simulating the Air Traffic Control environments of Singapore, is capable of being connected to the tower simulator to conduct gate-to-gate simulation and exercises.


  • Layout of Radar and Tower Simulator



Photos of Facilities

  • Radar Simulator Laboratory
  • Tower Simulator Laboratory
  • Radar Pseudopilot room
  • Tower Pseudopilot room