Research Areas

Research and Development Thrusts

The 4 strategic research foci of ATMRI are as follows:-

Air Space Design and Analysis
This thrust seeks to build up advanced capabilities in airspace design and analysis so as to evaluate current and future traffic demand as well as develop innovative solutions that will improve traffic capacity and efficiency.  Particular emphasis would be made towards assisting member states in ASEAN and beyond.

Urban Aerial Transportation and Management
In resource scarce Singapore, urban airspace offers great potential for growth.  Research in Urban Aerial Transportation and Management is being made which includes creating of digital highways in urban airspace that will enable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to operate safety and efficiently. 

ATM Security, Safety and Performance
New technologies, solutions and procedures are being investigated.  The key focus would be in Aviation Safety Analysis, Air Traffic Management Safety Analysis, Safety Enhancement Models for Controller Operational Performance.

Exploratory and Emerging Areas
The exploratory tasks may involved development of new concepts, technologies and exploitation of new knowledge from other non-ATM techniques. The key areas of interest would be as follows: ATM Science, ATM Applied Research and Next-Generation Technologies.