Academic Programme

As part of the effort in developing a future pool of human capital in ATM, ATMRI is working towards launching initiatives in collaboration with School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) and CAAS.

MSc Course Module

A 39 hour course module, “The Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control”, as part of a MSc programme under MAE is scheduled to be on 19 till 23 January 2015. This new course addresses the fundamentals of air traffic control (ATC), which is the most crucial and essential element in daily air traffic operations and in understanding the complex interdependencies of air traffic management.

Final Year Projects

A total of 16 undergraduate students have taken up ATM-related projects as their Final Year Projects (FYP) in AY14/15. This will form part of the initiatives to instill and develop interests in ATM among the students. The following are lists of 16 projects which the students are embarking on:

  • Network Flow Models for Air Traffic Flow Management

  • Modelling Gate to Gate Flight Path between Two Cities

  • Modelling and analysis of departure management systems in air traffic management

  • A study of surface management issues for taxiing aircraft

  • A study of air traffic management (Mechatronics)

  • Simulation of Wind Shear

  • A study of load balancing algorithms for multiple runway airports

  • Continuous Descent Operations in High Throughput Environment

  • Modelling and analysis of arrival management systems in air traffic management

  • An improved gate allocation mechanism for better runway optimisation

  • A study of air traffic management (Main Stream)

  • The impact of the carbon footprint on the aviation industry

  • Infectious Disease Propagation in an Airport Network

  • A study of air traffic management (Aerospace Engineering)

  • Simulation Models for Air Traffic Flow Management

  • Development of Global Real-time Numerical Optimiser

Click here for the academic projects on Air Traffic Management.
For access to the NTU Digital Repository for theses, work attachment reports and final year project reports, please click here.

Internship Programme with CAAS

With the target to train more manpower in ATM areas which are relevant to CAAS, internship programme as part of the undergraduate Industrial Attachments (IA) / Industrial Orientation (IO) are initiated and currently at the planning stage with CAAS. It is targeted that the programme be implemented in AY15/16.​​