Academic Programme

MSc Course Module

M6932 “The Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control”, as part of a MSc programme under MAE, is a 39 hour course module and is usually conducted in each January of the academic year. This course addresses the fundamentals of air traffic control (ATC), which is the most crucial and essential element in daily air traffic operations and in understanding the complex interdependencies of air traffic management. More information can be found in the link:

Final Year Projects

A total of 141 undergraduate students have taken up ATM-related projects as their Final Year Projects (FYP) since AY14/15. This will form part of the initiatives to instill and develop interests in ATM among the students. The following are some projects which the students have undertaken:

  • 4D-Trajectories on Air Traffic Control

  • Comparison of Support Vector Machines and Reinforcement Learning Method for Optimal Taxi-out Time Prediction at Changi Airport

  • Distributed Air Traffic Flow Management and Flight Plan Generation for the ASEAN Region

  • Integration on UAS/RPAS in Urban Airspace

  • Hybrid Vertical Take-off and Landing-Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • Development of an Unmanned Aerial System Test Stand for GPS-Denied Navigation System

  • Remote Eye Tracker’s Accuracy and Precision in Air Traffic Control Environment

  • Analysis of Air Traffic Controllers’ Situation Awareness and Workload: A Physiological Approach

  • New Generation Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems

  • Impact of Wake Vortex on Air Traffic Control Procedures and Developments

  • Remote Tower Operations

  • Workload Index and Performance of Air Traffic Controllers

  • Unstable Approach in Aviation Causal Factors and Preventive Interventions

  • Maximising Airport Runway Throughput via Sequencing Arrival Schedule

  • Sectorless Air Traffic Control

  • City Pair Passenger Demand Forecasting Study

Click here for the academic projects on Air Traffic Management.